How to Help A Family Member Who Is Experiencing Domestic Abuse

Lisa Twerski, LCSW

I recently did a call-in show on how to help a family member when you realize that she is in a situation of domestic abuse. It was a different kind of experience because on the call were two siblings of a woman who was being abused who shared the experience they had in just such a situation. it was fascinating that, although I had not interacted with them as they were going through this situation with their sister, we were on the same page in terms of what is helpful and what is not helpful in this kind of situation.

Having a family member, friend or community member reach out when they need help because they've discovered or think they've discovered that a loved one is being abused is becoming more and more common. Since we, as a community,have become more educated about these issues and our communal denial has lifted, we're now left with the scary realization that we now know about a problem that we don't know how to handle. The fact that people are so willing and interested in getting educated so they can help those in need, is really uplifting to me. Helping someone who is being abused needs a coordinated effort and family members who reach out to make sure what they are doing to help is actually helpful is so important. 

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